Charlee Remitz – Sad Girl Music

23-year-old singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz shines brightly on each monitor that her crisp and expressive voice graces. Her new album Sad Girl Music is a Eight-track-project sparkly and Electro-Pop crammed launch that could be a nice introduction to their music. This isn’t the final we’ll hear from the Sad Girl saga, be on the watch in Spring of 2019 for the Sad Girl Music Vol. 2 which can function a further six now self-produced tracks. On the narrative behind Sad Girl Music, Charlee shared the quote under. Stream the mission beneath that! Enjoy Sad Girl Music.

“In June, we broke my coronary heart. It wasn’t so simple as, “he did it.” No. Because I did it too. I feel he wished to be let go. He could not do it himself. I grasped at his fingertips, bracing myself on the cliff’s edge whereas he dangled into no matter void would swallow him ought to I determine to loosen my grip and set myself free. That’s after I misplaced myself. Those ultimate weeks, after I knew we had been executed, however I could not get up, stroll away, belief that if I let him fall, he will not come aside, or I will not leap in after him. Finally, I slipped my hand from his. That’s the place my story begins. Sad Girl Music is not about him. It’s about me. It’s about drowning so you’ll be able to turn into what you can not presumably be whenever you keep above the floor. Sadness is just not a weak spot. Sadness is a triumph.” – Charlee Remitz