BriGuel Release Revolting Visuals For “Red Ropes”

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Since the day they met, Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern haven’t left each other’s sides. They sing, rap, act, direct, dance and produce films together. BriGuel is their stage name, and they are on a mission to have fun, play, and laugh to try to make the world a happier place.

Although they had accustomed us to playful and happier works, they have decided to create “Red Ropes” as an anthem against injustice, war, famine and corruption. The images displayed are quite violent, with a purpose to shock viewers to raise awareness on the absurdity of the times we are living in regarding human behavior.

The electro-pop/Hip-Hop track includes a featuring with talented wordsmith BRBRCK for a compelling fusion that will be appreciated by all kinds of audiences.

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