Armin van Buuren take fans on a blast to the past with his 'Jump' remix

Armin van Buuren takes fans back to the 80’s with his ficial remix Van Halen’s classic single ‘Jump‘. The Dutch superstar shows f his love for classic rock by blending the 80s rock genre with dance music.

To no surprise, Armin van Buuren would be one the artists to find a tasteful way to mesh the two genres together for a legendary remix. When the original ‘Jump’ by Van Halen came out, it hit charts all over America. Now, Armin van Buuren has found a way to modernize the memorable track to fit many fans music interests.

The remix still shows f the roots the 80s banger, but Armin managed to spice things up with a trance-infused sound for the remix. Most dance music listeners today have heard Van Halen from their parents or an older influence in their lives. Now, they can say the 80s are coming back, this time with a dance music touch!

If you haven’t already, be sure to stream the new remix below. Also, if you missed the premiere the remix at the most recent Ultra Music Festival, be sure to check it out here.