5 Artists to Blame for CRSSD Festival FOMO this Fall

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CRSSD Festival is growing a notorious reputation for creating countless accounts FOMO for electronic music enthusiast. Yet again the lineup hits the nail on the head and sells out the San Diego Waterfront Park. At this point the only way to score tickets is winning their fan design contest or you can always try to Navy Seal your way in… Who is making up this CRSSD Festival fall 2019 lineup that got thousands Space Cadets so punctual with their ticket purchase? 

Now is the time to shine light on 5 artists from the CRSSD Festival fall 2019 lineup that really pull their weight.

5 Artists to Blame for CRSSD Festival FOMO this Fall

CRSSD Festival fall 2019 lineup

1. Amelie Lens

The Belgian techno artist the year, Amelie Lens has been blowing up all around the globe, especially after what she did at Time Warp this April and course her revolutionary set for Circle at Atomium. Now she makes her way stateside and people could not be more thrilled to get a taste the raw, authentic experience she fers.

2. Richie Hawtin

Mounting over 1 million followers on facebook alone, Richie Hawtin could probably sell out the Waterfront Park by himself. With almost twenty years DJ experience, Hawtin has headlined some the most prestigious festivals and events in club culture to date and continues to define rather than follow musical trends. His minimal techno makes for an extremely special occasion, but you never know what style techno he will throw down. All you can be certain is being in awe over his absurd control the decks.

3. Artbat

The Ukranian duo Artbat has a standard excellence that would make a pop fanatic understand techno. Their clean production has been recognized and implemented into sets by leading names like Richie Hawtin, Solomun, Tale Of Us, Pete Tong and more. Their break through single was, “Mandrake” on Definition Music and if you haven’t seen their Cercle set at Bondinho Pão de Açúcar, then do that now.

4. Kevin Knapp

With music for the body and mind is house producer and vocalist Kevin Knapp. By taking a bottom up approach to creating music, Kevin Knapp is notorious for house music with urgency that grabs the hips while treating listeners to intellectual intricacies that simulate the mind. Currently based out Berlin, Knapp has been fine tuning his chops playing for the snobbiest techno crowds and without falter has emerged within the electronic music scene as a favorite. Get to know Knapp a little better through our exclusive interview.

5. Kaskade (Redux)

It would be a montrousity to not mention such a monstrous name as Kaskade (Redux). Usually, fering fans a titillating EDM performance, for CRSSD Festival fall 2019, Kaskade (Redux) will adjust some nobs to fer a deeper sound. A lot eyes will be on him to see what versatility he can show, which will likely bring him a huge new wave loyal fans that formly may have questioned the dynamics EDM.

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