Stream Songs In The Key Of Love (1 & 2) by Promising R&B Talent Dorian

Dorian Lake, better known as Dorian, is a new kind of R&B artist who fearlessly blends the genre with electro-influences, pop, and soul with an effortless mastery and seemingless ease that will turn some heads in the business. His two new albums are titled Songs In The Key Of Love (1 & 2), and project his vision of a hybrid music that alternates between bright harmonies and cryptic moods, a limitless versatility that opens-up so many possibilities in terms of pure music. 

Mainstream listeners will enjoy diving into these two albums on repeat, and the good news is that Dorian is already working on his new album Dream World, while we wait for more info to announce the release date. Encompassing life and music, Dream World‘s will be dedicated to those who have supported him until now, and helped him achieve his dream of becoming one of the best singer-songwriters in the genre.