PREMIERE: Runnit Switches It Up With ‘Focus Cypher’

Maryland-based producer and Partica co-founder, Runnit, is one of our favorite artists on the rise. The Trap2 pioneer has collaborations with Tvboo, releases on Quality Goods Records, and Partica isn’t looking too bad right now either, so it’s safe to say that Runnit has set himself up pretty nicely. Runnit has recently released ‘Slugs’ on Partica Artist Group, a single from his upcoming The Code of Conduct EP, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you Runnit’s next single from the EP, titled ‘Focus Cypher’ featuring Dexter Fizz & Keanu Wav.

I sold some other beats from that studio session but this one felt too interesting to give away!

‘Focus Cypher’ isn’t you’re average electronic trap song, as it doesn’t have a big drop that most people would expect, it’s a more hip-hop oriented track, as Runnit reflected, “I think what brings this track into the same realm as Trap 2 though is aggressive bouncy drum selection paired with the frequency shifting and sound design that’s going on behind the verses.” Anyone who is familiar with Runnit’s work knows that many of his tracks have hip-hop elements in his beats, but ‘Focus Cypher’ is largely hip-hop, through and through. Runnit said, “…I definitely started my journey producing hip hop tracks so it was only right to have one on the EP,” and it’s great to see artists showcase their backgrounds and origins from time to time.

I listen to Hip Hop in my daily routine whereas Some days I’m actually not listening to electronic stuff at all; I draw big influences from the classics like Tribe, Dre, Wu-Tang just as much as the new school shit out right now.

Runnit continues to push the envelope of the Trap 2 movement with ‘Focus Cypher’ and fans who enjoyed his Trap 2 take on hip-hop will be happy to know that there’s more to come. “I think you might see me on some production credits but maybe not any cyphers, we’ll see! I do have plans of getting together another ‘Mug Club Vol 2’ with a bunch of my producer friends, might have to get somebody on there for a verse too!” Runnit tells us. 2021 is only just getting started and we’re excited to see what else Runnit will be doing this year.

Check out ‘Focus Cypher’ below: