Music Video Of The Month: Lékan Tella | “Savannah Red”

Not Trap. But most def for musicoholics.

After his debut singles “Emptiness,” and “Savannah Red,” Lékan Tella continues his fast rise in the world of music with the release of a magnificent music video to pair the track “Savannah Red.” The story he tells is quite a common one; a couple going through the last phase of their relationship, as she is cheating on her boyfriend, while he seems to not care anymore about the outcome of the love story. The spark has long been gone, and the tour de force is to have portrayed it with a near-perfection in the footage, shot in a beautifully vintage and nostalgic style, with professional actors. Tella is the star, even if he never appears on-screen, leading the listener’s feelings with his vocal talent that cannot but remind us of some of the greatest legends that have blazed a trail before him.  

Simple, minimalist, and yet delivering a uniquely funky groove, Lékan Tella’s “Savannah Red” finds its audience and reminds everyone that new music legends are in the making in 2020. Enjoy the stream here: