Lo Village Gets Real On ‘Lost In America’

It’s always a good New Music Friday when we can find gems. So this is an exceptionally good day because we just discovered Lo Village and their brand new EP, Lost In America. It turns out we’ve been sleeping, though, because this trio has been around since 2016. I guess it’s better late than never, and you can bet FUXWITHIT will be watching future Lo Village releases closely.

Lo Village is a hip-hop group based in Maryland made up of Kane, Ama, and Charles Tyler. Kane is the founder of Rebel Music Collective, where the group is signed. You’ll hear Ama’s soulful vocals on all Lo Village tracks, and she’s also the cover art of Lost In America. Charles Tyler has been with the label since 2011 and brings the group’s rap chops.

Lost In America is such a heartfelt record. Each track digs deep into what it means to be Black in America. As you listen through the EP, you’ll find different perspectives Black men and women have to go through every day. Through the group’s expressive lyrics, simple yet effective production, and organic sound, you’ll notice a rawness that only comes from pain and frustration. This EP is absolutely poignant today. Although the last president might be out, all of these experiences are still very real and current. This is a reminder for all of us that we can’t forget to stand against police brutality, white supremacy, and all the injustices that still happen in front of us.