downtime Spreads Some ‘new year!’ Hope

Back once again is an artist whose beats will bless your late-night dreams. And what better way to start a new year than to listen to downtime‘s new single, ‘new year!’ His tracks are known to have such a calming and relaxing motive. They’re a perfect remedy to get rid of those negative feelings. Making your day shine much brighter. From thick 808s, to aspirational melodies, his music is purely flawless. And now he’s back and better than ever. So sit back, relax and enjoy this never-ending journey.

‘new year!’ is a celebration for a new era of music. Honoring different waves of frequencies across the spectrum, downtime does not disappoint with this one. His way of nurturing every little detail makes his work sound that much more special and beautiful. The colorful zest he throws in can turn any beat into gold. This journey is certainly remarkable thanks to his intricate creativity and personality within music. You can tell how much fun he had when constructing this art piece. The arrangement alone will leave you in an everlasting love stasis. Being paralyzed with shocking rhythms and soul. And when you think it’s going to end, he throws in an extra rhythm or percussion element to keep it flowing like a never-ending path of discovery and redemption.

downtime is a gem to say the least. Go and support his new single by streaming on SoundCloud.