Caspa Calls Facemasks "Muzzles" That Cause Sickness & Keep People From "Telling the Truth"

If you’ve decided to solely take medical advice from dubstep DJs, boy do we have quite the news story for you today. West London artist Caspa took to twitter yesterday to announce that he “won’t be selling face muzzles on [his] shop.” Continuing in the thread, he argued that masks functioned to “keep people quiet from telling the truth” (because that makes perfect sense) and that they were detrimental to people’s health – despite the fact that surgeons and other doctors wear masks for 12-hour shifts all the time. Nevertheless, Caspa remained adamant that we sheeple should “google face muzzles and see for yourself.”

Several scientific studies referencing the effectiveness and safety of cloth face coverings during pandemics have been available for some time now – and the difference in COVID outbreaks in the US compared to complete mask-wearing countries is stark, to say the least. In order to reach a place where we can all get back to having concerts and festivals again in the United States, we simply need to start following the advice of experts more and de-politicize the entire affair. Here’s to hoping we can start heading in a direction that encourages pragmatic public health policies and a regained trust in our scientific institutions.

Caspa Calls Facemasks “Muzzles” That Cause Sickness & Keep People From “Telling the Truth”