Capozzi Turns The Audience To ‘The Dark Side’

Capozzi is back! And this time, she’s hitting harder than ever with this brand new masterpiece. Following up to her first IN / ROTATION EP, Boss, she brings us another entity called The Dark Side. A body of work so groovy, it’ll make the club scene come straight to your front door. Preparing for the future, she’s given us another group of tracks to hint at what’s to come this 2021. So if you adore deep basslines, fancy melodies, and intoxicating rhythms, then you won’t want to sleep on this.

The Dark SideĀ project is a sophisticated and deep journey. Capozzi really knows how to drive that brute force within her clean mixes, sound design, and arrangements. Each track has its own flavor and still flows in a unique and powerful fashion. From impactful drums, saturated leads, and more, there are so many pieces of ear candy you’ll become truly addicted to. Light and catchy, ‘Give Love’ really transports the listener to the beaches of IBIZA, while an underground anthem with Cave Studio called ‘Getcha’ makes you feel as if you were at a classic old school rave. Taking place in an abandoned warehouse where no life is around but you and the music. This EP is taking her and her music to brand new heights. Complimenting the house genre completely every step of the way. She’s becoming a powerful force to be reckoned with in the electronic scene. And The Dark Side project is another step up the path of success. A true evolution for herself as a musician.

With such a strong new EP, who knows what she’s going to create next. But we’re excited to see where she goes on from here. So make sure to go support her newest creation everywhere. You won’t regret it!