Cann Zeka Releases His Latest Hit, ‘Keep It Non-Stop’

DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter, Cann Zeka, has launched his latest most heart-wrenching track that takes listeners on an electro-encapsulating journey. ‘Keep It Non-Stop’ blends together smooth vocals and seductive rhythms, creating a masterpiece for listeners all over the world.

The song takes a ride through love and passion. It beautifully illustrates how humans are created to love and crave all aspects of it. Yet no two love stories are determined to be the same. Zeka’s intimacy through his passionate lyrics and imaginative references describe the importance of communication and trust couples need to have in order to build a strong relationship. And the artist perfectly displays this through his touch of sound.

My Only One’ and ‘Mirror Mirror’ are Zeka’s two previously released tracks and have proven to be his inspirational thoughts that were released into music. 

You can hear Keep It Non-Stop below!