9 Hip-Hop Artists To Follow In February 2021

Hip-hop took over the music world for over a decade now, and it will remain the most popular genre for quite some time. New hip-hop artists emerge from different sides of the world every year, bringing their talent and skills to the global scene. We decided to list the top 10 hip-hop artists who are going to change the game in February 2021. 

9.Young Dolph

Memphis rap star Young Dolph releases a deluxe edition of Rich Slave, adding a bonus mini-album to an already-existing album. The new version has 8 songs, one of which is “Large Amounts,” a fresh new track from the artist. It’s a perfect piece of heavy-hitting street rap that burns slowly with a certain amount of charismatic low-keyness and confidence. 

8.Run the Jewels

Run the Jewels have dropped a new visualizer for the Mexican Institute of Sound, producer/DJ Camilo Lar’s long-running project, a remix of their track, “Oooh La La.” The song is centered around a sample of the 1992 Gang Starr classic “DWYCK”) with Cumbia and Mariachi influences, plus a new verse from Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan.

7. Snow The Product 

The West Coast Mexican rapper Snow The Product is back with a brand new single titled “SHUTUP,” about “everyone has an opinion” and is quick to talk. The artist experiments with her style and music, both intriguing and impressing the audience with boldness. The track is radio-ready with its high-quality production and sound design, proving the artist’s detailed hard work and natural talent once again. The release is produced by Exclusive DJ Beatz. 


The fans of Twenty One Pilots’ and Yungblud will definitely appreciate the sound this Worthing, UK-based trio brings to the hip-hop scene. They have a radio-ready revolutionary sound filled with drum n bass beats. They are energetic, ambitious, and talented. If you haven’t heard of NOISY before, it will be a good idea to start with the track ‘Put A Record On’ (AS). 

5.Goya Gumbani

Born in New York, Goya Gumbani moved with his family to London when he was a teenager. Brooklyn’s urban scene still influences his music, making it sound like a piece from an MC. East Coast boom-bap fans will stay in awe of the artist’s flow. Collaborations with South London beatmakers Rago Foot and Kiina resulted in an elegant crossover into SE1’s modern jazz community. It is exciting to see what the future holds for this artist! Definitely check his “Blasé” (COR) to get the taste of what he does. 

4.Demie Cao

Classically trained ballerina turned singer and rapper Demie Cao, from California, USA, has mastered the art of easily switching demure pop songs and hard-hitting hip-hop when switching her persona with her alter-ego Demie The Destroyer. She refuses to border herself with a label of ethnicity, gender, or genre. Even though she has one EP (Thicker Lines) on her name so far, she has already managed to demonstrate her vivid persona, enchanting energy, and inspiring sound. Mixing genres, moods she even blends English to Mandarin to Korean. We can’t wait to get more from Demie Cao. Listen to her ‘Sage (feat. Holly)’ (RD) to get a sight of what she is capable of. 

3.CG Naughty

CG Naughty is a master at creating an unprecedented sonic fusion while demonstrating raw talent and a wide range of skills. His lyrics are timeless and display raw authenticity. He creates music that comes from the soul and enters the listeners’ hearts right after the beat drops, sending shivers down the spine. Being inspired by icons like Tupac, Jay Z, or Dr. Dre, CG Naughty brings value to the hip-hop scene delivering old-school vibes mixed with a modern sound filled with edginess, swag, and groove. His most recent release, “Look Into My Eyes,” is an emotionally draining piece reflecting on police brutality and violence in America from a black man’s point of view. Sharing his truth and experiences unapologetically, CG Naughty enchants the listener, instantly taking them on a journey full of epic soundscapes and urban poetry, leaving them face to face with harsh reality. He is an artist capable of bringing change to the world. 

2.Pooh Shiesty

Yet another rap genius from Memphis, Pooh Shiesty, The Gucci Mane protégé, recently dropped the bouncy “Guard Up” and promised his upcoming Shiesty Season mixtape will be “best project coming out this year.” We can’t wait for the artist to release more. After showing out on tracks like “Hell Night”, “Day One,” and “Choppa Talk,” he incited buzz with “Shiesty Summer” during 2019, which caught the ears of many right out of the gate and now boasts over 8 million views. Meanwhile, “7.62 God” quickly surpassed 19 million views and continues to be one of his best-performing songs. Now, he ignites his own movement with his latest string of releases.


23-year-old siren Raiche first wowed the world with her introductory cut “Money Pies,” an aspirational single that painted an idyllic portrayal of working hard for the big payoff: her debut EP titled Drive. Growing up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, just two hours shy of Boston, Raiche found music at an early age. She collaborated with Prince Charlez on “Money Pies”. Her music hit the streets, she inked a deal with Atlantic Records, and the rest is history.