PREMIERE: Dylan Joseph Releases New Single Titled “City Dime” About A City Girl Who Loves Country Boys

American artist Dylan Joseph just released his new single, “City Dime,” an outstanding track that talks about a city girl who loves country boys. The girl is a 10 out of 10, and she followed all the rules set by her family and the typical book procedures of life, but she can’t help being in love with the country boys, with whom she loves to party all night. 

After “Closer To You,” Dylan’s college break-up song, and “44,” a song about his sister’s car accident and miraculous recovery, “City Dime” is one more fantastic release by the emerging singer-songwriter who, this time, decided to blend rock-influences with his favourite genre; country music. Fun vibes and fiery progressions are masterfully merged into each other to produce the breathtaking result listeners will enjoy when listening to “City Dime”. 

Dylan Joseph was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA, and after a major injury that forced him to abandon his dream of becoming a baseball professional athlete, he decided to pursue his other dream, being a musician and country music singer-songwriter. His father being a professional drummer, Dylan Joseph already had some important elements and innate musicality to help him achieve his dream. His first major success happened with the song he co-wrote for the show Malibu Surf and titled “Just Friends,” a track that counts over 10M views on YouTube. 

The high energy and beautifully constructed “City Dime” will surely find its audience and help Dylan Joseph speed up his already impressive rise within the American music scene. 

Stream “City Dime” below!